About CSA

To bring it into action the vision and mission of Christ College, a unit within Christ College was needed because this program was initially carried out by visiting old age homes, orphanages and performing some programmes etc. These program did not bring any great changes among the students and they did not understand how, they can be an instrument for the under privileged people.So, Centre for Social Action was started in the year 1999 in order to enhance the Mission, Vision and the Values of the college. After CSA emerged, the traditional system was removed. This program was not only, volunteer by nature, but also there are funded projects in which we have dedicated staff working day and night to make the dream to come true. The first program which started in CSA was VIKAS which helped the students to get exposed to the struggles of Child laborers, street children, children in slums and villages, urban poor and rural poor and women in crisis. Every Saturday they were made to interact with them. They were made to reflect on these issues with special focus on what students can do to improve their situation. The students were made to present their experiences in a creative and enjoyable ways through presentations, dramas, Street Play, paintings and collages.As the result of these interactions the act of service through sacrifice emerged in the hearts of our college students. So, they started asking questions like what they can do for the poor instead of just learning from them?. They wanted to support poor children especially school dropouts by raising sponsors from our college students for the purpose of children s educational program.This was the turning point where the students of our college laid an opportunity for every other student to get involved in this program. Like this many other program was initiated which now works successfully in the community.


To develop volunteerism among the students

To make the institution as a civil society through social intervention

To strengthen the college community relationship

To implement community based social development programs for the poor and underprivileged section of the society

About Carnival 2019

“The university ground is my favorite place here and I really enjoyed all the sports activities. Playing “Can the Can” at the carnival stall was also a lot of fun.”

Ammu, Vriddhi participant

About Milan 2019

“I liked Milan very much, especially dancing on the stage and talking to the annas and akkas.”

Hanumant, Bagalkot participant