Inauguration: CSA 2006-2007

 CSA activities for 06-07 were inaugurated on 8 July by Professor N.S Ramaswamy, the founder-director of IIM Bangalore, and recipient of the Padma Bhushan. The dignitaries also included Fr. Jose (Principal, Christ PU) and Mr. Johny Joseph (Coordinator ,CSA). In his inspiring speech, Prof. Ramaswamy said that coming to Christ College was “a pilgrimage” for him and also emphasized repaying God for his favours through social action. He congratulated the faculty and the volunteers for their good work and encouraged everybody to continue their hard work. Fr. Jose advised the volunteers to take inspiration from Professor Ramaswamy in  building social awareness.         Prof. Ramaswamy also released a book “SEEN IT, DONE THAT” by Cheryl, one of the exchange participants, on their experiences in Norway. The Street Theatre staged  mimes on issues of civic awareness. Mr. Johny announced the names of the new troop leaders and wished that the upcoming year would be one of new milestones, both for CSA and for the volunteers


Amit (III B.Com)

Lenin Joyal (II EPS)

Nikita Marina Pinto (II PSEco)

Panjika Madhuram (II HESP)

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