When you say “PINK”.

The SAMVEDITHA team of CSA had been active in St.Josephs College campus from July 21st to 6th August. A group of volunteers conducted the session on ‘gender sensitivity’. These sessions were aimed at understanding the ‘mind set’ of the schoolboys and the causes for their gender based prejudices. “When we say pink they tend to connect it with girls” adds Renu from III B.Com.

Discussions on the difference between ‘gender issues’ and ‘sex issues’ were also explained to the boys. “The students were all interested and took active participation by responding through out the session” Komala, one of the volunteers said. The sessions were intended at helping them to look at things with a different perspective and the importance of holding ones individualistic views and opinions over prejudices!
So what’s in store for Samveditha this month?

Samveditha plans to take the students to NGOs for real experience too.
A cricket match will also be organized between the students of St.Josephs School and the children from the slum. This will be done to help the two sections of the society know each other better and in the process overcome class related prejudice.
Samveditha plans to take the students to NGOs for real experience too.

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