Monthly Archives: September 2006

The rural exposure camps organized regularly by CSA serves as a great avenue to make today’s youth acquainted with life in real India. It gives a huge impetus to their understanding of the harsh societal realities by interacting with the people out there. The Camps: On 15th July, a rural exposure camp was conducted for II PUC classes (II HESP&PPES), another one for I-BHM students on 21st July followed by volunteer’s camp on 22ndof the same month. The students of 2nd CAMS-J of Christ junior college visited the village, Kenchenpalya in a one-day camp held on 29th of July. The camp’s main objective was to let students experience rural life, first hand. Surprisingly, many of the students had never been to a village before! “I have never been to a village before. It was an eye-opening experience”, says Vaishali, one of the students. The village visit sessions were held in the morning. They went to different institutions of the village like houses, schools etc. Following this was a feedback session on their observations of the village. Some of them found the schools not satisfying minimum requirements, while others saw a lack of accessibility to hospitals and so on. Apart from this some games and ice-breaking session were also included within the camp schedule. And the best part was that the camp started and finished as planned earlier!  

Reaching Out Through Sport

Everyone celebrated Friendship day on the 6th of August (How many wrist bands did you get?). Members of activity centre were no exception to this. But for them there was something new to look forward to. A sports ‘day’ for the children of Rajendranagar slum was organized in Christ College, Cricket field on the same day by the volunteers. It was like a mega event in the lives of these children. About 85 students of 1stto the 10th grade enjoyed this fun filled day. More than testing the physical excellence, it was meant to be a fun-filled, memorable event. It was concluded by an interaction session held between the students and the various volunteers followed by refreshments. In addition to this the activity centre continues with the work of motivating and supporting the children of Rajendranagar slums. The volunteers also underwent a workshop held by Mr. Balaji. He talked on how to improve dealings with the kids as well as the ways in which they could modify their skills in motivating and enhancing the creative abilities of these children.

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