Vikas : Confronting issues

The volunteers began their confrontating with various social issues through their visits to NGOs on the 5th of August. The following are the places which the groups visited as part of Vikas.

  • Women issues: ‘Vanitha Sahayavani’. Discussed issues with the co-coordinator of this counseling centre for women (who have undergone harassment).
  • Disability : Visit to Nirmala Shishu Bhavan ( Nirmala Children’s home); Ten volunteers interacted with physically and mentally challenged children to better understand their problems and grievances.
  • HIV-AIDS : They visited an organisation called Snehadaan.Mr. Sunil George undertook an orientation for eleven volunteers .
  • De-addiction : Visited TREDA (Treatment, Rehabilitation and Education of Drug Abuse). An orientation by Mr. Gowda..
  • Marginalized children: ‘Makala Sahayavani’, volunteers participated in the orientation regarding issues and problems of children and also the role of Help lines in this regard. Their visit was not only confined to the orientation programme by the coordinators of NGOs but also involved interactions in which the volunteers brought up their opinions. These visits are to help the volunteers understand about the issues and to plan out intervention programmes for the future.On 12th, Cartman, an NGO run by Prof. N S Ramaswamy (founder of IIM-Bangalore) was visited. The volunteers took a causal stroll around the area to sensuously experience the harmony between nature and human beings. And on the 19th, a group of PU students visited the SOS village to learn about the concepts and functioning of this global initiative.  

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