So whats happening?

So whats happening? Its been a long time since the CSA blog has been updated. So we thought we would put in a small “Whats up!”.

A quick review on the events that occured in the past couple of weeks –

  • Street Theatre finished composing their new play on Global Warming, and put up around 10 shows, in college, Raheja Arcade, and National Games Village.
  • Activity Centre held their semester Health Camp last Saturday.
  • Samveditha has been planning on activities for the next semester.
  • Publications has been working for the We Care magazine… You can still write in 🙂 <> We’re offering a cash prize of Rs 750 for the best 2 articles to come in!
  • We visited an NGO called Concerned for Working Children ( which turned out to be a huge place. We’re planning more visits to there. We had a very good discussion on street children, and how children themselves could be the answer to children’s problems, and how Right to Participation was taken up by NGOs.
  • New volunteers from the MSW Dept have joined CSA, and are proving to be very useful inputs to CSA!
  • Our friends in Norway are doing great =) Experiencing the wonderful cold Norwegian climate and thriving on bread 🙂
  • The staff is busy charting out upcoming events for the next semester.

Today was officially the last student activities day in CSA for the semester. The last working day for the college is tomorrow.

We had a short general meeting today to evaluate our progress during this semester. Everyone is looking forward to the next semester, when we have a few programmes, including a small fundraiser, and a couple of workshops/seminars, planned 🙂 We’ve also got a lot of new ideas coming in!

So looking forward to a very active even semester, this is the CSA Publications team signing off 🙂


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