Combating AIDS the student way.

he world AIDS day (Dec.1) in Christ College was observed with a multitude of Christites showing their deep concern towards the cause by wearing the red ribbons throughout the day. Red ribbons, made by the volunteers, were distributed throughout the college campus. It was made sure even the non-teaching and support staff were wearing at least one red ribbon, if not two. The awareness campaign was further strengthened through an essay competition on the topic – “Is awareness enough to combat AIDS?”
The winners of the essay competition were:
1st prize: Tahini Bhushan (I EPS)
2nd Prize: Ali Rizvi (II JPEng)
3rd prize: Javed Imtiaz (II PSEng)
Special prize: Bharath (I EPS)
Hearty congratulations to all the winners!
Arunodaya, a district level network of HIV positive people, organised an artifacts exhibition cum sale in the college campus. The Christ PU college had a screening of a documentary along with a fund raising activity for an institution called Infant Jesus Home.
There was also an informal discussion held in the Basketball court on the topic “Who is more prone to AIDS?” which saw students coming forward to discuss the issue and clear their doubts.

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