Talking to the Co-ordinator

Here’s an interview which is hard to get! Johny Joseph, the coordinator of CSA talks about the recently organised National Seminar and its backgound, at a secret meeting with the Publications team!

+ Why the topic ‘Interlinking of Rivers’?
In the present scenario, we felt that this topic was very much debatable and should be given due importance. Also, proper awareness should reach the youngsters.

+ According to you, how did the seminar go?
The seminar was of course a grand success in terms of its organization and also, we were able to bring people together as the Fredskorpset (the sponsors of the event) slogan says. My congratulations and heart felt gratitude to the whole team who supported CSA in organising this.

+How do you think people benefit from the seminar?
When we selected the topic we didn’t want to take any stand, but the intention was to generate a debate regarding the issue and bring about awareness. That way we have succeeded especially with the youth, as they are the future policy makers of the country.

+How was the response from the participants?
We had an overwhelming response and many appreciated the content of the seminar and the way it was organised. Many are looking forward to associating with CSA further.

+More on the success of the seminar…?
Because of the success of the seminar, Fredskorpset Asia office has offered FK India partners network facilitated by Christ College CSA and Drik India Kolkata to organize an International seminar on the theme- “The Role of Women in the Economic Development of India” next year. This will be held on 26th and 27th November, 2007 at Christ College.

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