As a part of the fundraiser, Singeni-music for a cause, we are releasing a souvenir, NISWARTH, that will feature write ups on social issues by college students. The aim of this souvenir is to create awareness about issues which the youth feel strongly about.

We are also happy to give away attractive prizes for the best entries! The categories are:

(1) Best article/essay,

(2) Best poem, and

(3) Best cartoon.

The prize-winning entry in each category will be given an executive pass for Singeni (the KK Concert in aid of underprivileged children) programme and a balcony ticket as a consolation prize in each category.

 We request all college students to send in articles, poems, cartoons or ideas which will be selected by a panel of teachers and will feature in this souvenir.

Send in your entries on or before August 1, 2007 to:

Centre for Social Action, Christ College, Bangalore ā€“ 560 029

You can also mail your entries to

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