Samvedita ( 21st July – 4th August)

This year Samvedita has been opened to first years; with this influx of fresh volunteers has come new ideas and visions. They meet every Saturday, holding active discussions on various topics, such as the session on the UN Development Goals, held on July 21st.

The volunteers also had a session conducted by Mr. Rohan from Samveda, an NGO which trains students into voluntary work. On the 28th of July, an active discussion was held on the Narmada Bachao Andolan campaign and steps were suggested by the students to save water, while also protecting the needs of the ones who have been displaced.

On the 4th of August, a discussion was conducted on the effects of social division, especially while making friends, in both rural and urban areas; INDIA UNTOUCHED, a two hour documentary dealing with the prevalent caste system in India, was screened.

The road ahead seems very bright for Samvedita, especially with its new found enthusiasm and dedication of its fresh volunteers.

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