Vikas (21st & 28th July)

Child Labour and Street Children:
On 21st July, Mr. Laksha Pathi, Director APSA, Association for Promoting Social Action took a session in Christ College for the volunteers. The session was also followed by a documentary on children working in bricks factory and railway station. At the end of the session, there was an open discussion with the volunteers.The next Saturday, the group visited ‘Namma Mane’ which is run by APSA. It houses the victimised children and all their neccesities are  taken care of. The volunteers were informed about the various activities of APSA and a tour of their compus was also organised.
Elementary Education:
On 21st July, the volunteers had a session with Mr. Ashok Kamath. The next session was conducted in Rajendranagar by Mr.Manjunath. Discussions were held on national child labour, child sponsorship,and non formal education centre. An interaction with  the masses in Rajendranagar also took place.
Children in conflict with law:
Sessions with Mr. Sunny from ECHO took place for the volunteers.

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