Sporting friendship

Aug. 7, 2007:

Children from Rajendranagar Slum were having a ball on Sunday morning(Aug 5). This was the second time they ever took part in a sports competition organised just for them on a friendship’s day.


The Activity Centre of CSA who organised this event saw 126 children of ages between 10-16 taking part in events like running races (50m, 100m, etc.) and fun competitions like Lemon and spoon race, Sack race, 3 legged race (the funniest of all),and the like. The children were all excited and at the same time restless and the volunteers had fun trying to create some order in the Christ College ground.


Thankfully, the sky remained clear till the end of the competitions, but the ‘pour down’ happened in the middle of lunch. Emergency steps were taken and the children could have their lunch without much moisture.


The most touching part of the day, perhaps,was in the morning when volunteers tied Friendship bands to all the children, just before the events started.

Many new volunteers said that they enjoyed interacting with the children and were happy doing something for them. The Project officer of CSA activites in Rajendranagar slum, Mr. Manjunath and other staff extended their support to this programme. The event was also encouraged by Fr. Thomas , the Principal; Fr.Jose, the Principal of Christ PU College and Fr. Varghese, all of who visited the programme.


Sports and friendship, hand in hand!

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