Singeni! Singeni! Singeni!

Its here ladies and gentlemen… The magical day has arrived. Singeni, music for a cause, the grand fundraiser event by CSA will be held today evening, in the Christ College Main Auditorium.

Venue : Main Auditorium, Christ College
Time :  5:45PM  onwards…
Performers : KK and Cyrus Broacha

Those of you who have passes and tickets, we advice you to arrive a little early so that you can occupy the best seats 😉 (seats on a first come first serve basis). Please co-operate with the Singeni Volunteers.

Those of you who DO NOT have the passes, you may be able to collect a few last minute tickets from the booths that have been set outside the main gates of Christ College.


Seating Arrangement : Ticket and pass holders need to submit their passes/tickets for verification at the entrance of the Auditorium block. Then, if you have a ticket, please proceed towards the fifth floor. If you have a invitation pass, please proceed towards the third floor. The Singeni volunteers will guide you to the appropriate area. Please keep the passes with you. Guests are requested NOT to LEAVE the building (you will not be allowed inside the building, once you move out).

If you have any doubts regarding a ticket, or anything else regarding Singeni, please feel free to contact the CSA Office : 080 40129117.

Enjoy the show! 🙂

– The Singeni Team

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