Singeni – yet another feather in CSA’s hat

Ladies and gentlemen,

The CSA Fundraiser music concert, Singeni – music for a cause, was successfully conducted on Saturday, the 1st of September. In four short words – “it was a bash!”

The evening started off at 6.00 PM with the popular Christ College band Dhoom rocking the crowd with a few of their most popular numbers. Without much further ado, the unbeatably humorous Master of Ceremonies, Cyrus Broacha, took over the stage, and took the crowd of 1800 into peals of laughter and delight!

Cyrus started a terrific atmosphere for the Bollywood singer, KK, the star of the show, to enter and enthrall the audience with many of his most popular rocking songs. Starting off with “Pal”, and over to “Yaad Ayenge Pal”, and “Saathiya”, the show went on and on till he winded up with the popular song “Its the time to disco!”.

In around half an hour, KK had everyone right from the balcony to the executive section dancing and swinging to the tunes of his mystical songs. A few Singeni volunteers joined in the fun as well!

The show ended at around 9.30PM. Cyrus Broacha had to leave a bit early, but he made sure that he talked with and signed autographs of all the volunteers and fans! Thus, the show was a grand success, with every single participant, viewers, volunteers, and organizers, having fun beyond anything they had experienced before.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why we were so late in publishing a report, the publications team was recouping from the hangover of Singeni. 😉 And that brings forth another topic – the souvenir “Niswarth” brought out in connection with Singeni, also turned out to be quite popular.

So to wind up, a quote from Shakespeare… “Alls well that ends well

P.S: Photos and official report coming up in next post… (soon)

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