Trip to Kenchenpalya on 29th September, Saturday

Hi all,

At the very end of this semester, we’re planning a trip to one of CSA’s project areas, Kenchenpalya.  As of now, the trip will be a one day overnight trip, starting at 1:30PM from the college on Saturday, 29th of September, and reaching back by Sunday evening.

Whats there at Kenchenpalya? Well, its one of CSA’s project areas, so loads to see and learn. But to be extremely frank its a whole lot of fun. Senior volunteers swear by the great grounds surrounding Kenchenpalya where cricket and other games can be played a plenty. Not to mention the journey to and from Kenchenpalya! It’ll be a great oppurtunity to see and meet each other, have loads of fun, and to get to know each other better.

Interested? If you want to join us, simply hop into the CSA Office, find Vandana (II JPEng) or any other CSA volunteer, and register your name. (its free by the way 😛 )

Hoping to see you at 1330 hours in front of the Audi block 🙂

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