FK Preparatory course… Farewell…

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A farewell is always sad…

Like all farewells, the farewell to the participants of the Fredskorpset Preparatory course held in Christ College was also sad… They had come three weeks back – to learn. Its been three weeks now. They must have learned what they came for… But more than that, we learned a lot about each other. During the past three weeks, a bond grew between the CSA and the FK Participants. And it is this bond, which made the inevitable parting sad…

But it was time for these young ladies and gentlemen to experience the world, and put into practice what they had learned. So with a cheerful smile, and a tearful heart, we bid adieu to these young crusaders, who had landed on the CSA shores to learn new trades, to sail away to lands intended with better skills.

True to tradition, CSA arranged a farewell for the participants. Starting off with certain speeches, Father Principal’s speech, Mr Sacha’s speech, Johny sir’s speech, Shaji sir’s speech, and a few more. We progressed on the certificate distribution, after which the participants wanted to thank the CSA volunteers by giving them sweet gifts.The Guest House in charges, Sebastin and Mr Muthu were not forgotten 🙂

After this had been done, the show progressed to the entertainment phase, with a beautiful Kalari performance. Kalari is a traditional martial art form from Kerala. Later, the show progressed to a dance performance by the college team – Samathwam – followed by a song by our Norwegian guests. Shortly afterwards, the participants took over the stage with various events – songs, dances and so on…

Then came the food phase, where everyone enjoyed to their heart’s extent the delicious food served by the caterers in the Christ College quadrangle.

And then, came the tearful part, where the volunteers, organisers, teachers and participants said goodbye, wishing each other good luck… We wish the participants good luck as well. We wish them all our best wishes, and hope that they enjoy their exchange programme. Cheers and regards, this is the CSA Publications signing off for the semester.

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