Yet another feather to the CSA cap : International Conference on Women in Emerging Indian Economy

Hello all,

The 2 day international conference on Women in Emerging Indian Economy organised by the Fredskorpset India Partners Network, facilitated by CSA, Christ College, and Drik India came to an end yesterday, leaving in its wake many ideas and thoughts for the future. The conference turned out to be a huge success with all the participants thoroughly enjoying the discussions. The sessions were thought provoking and touched subjects never touched before. The resource persons had their hands full with discussions which overflowed the allotted times and continued on through lunch and coffee breaks.

The chief guest for the inaugural function was the Norwegian Ambassador to Delhi, Ms Ann Ollestad. The guest of honour was Mr Torbjorn Urfjell, Political Advisor to Minister of Development Cooperation, Norway. Both of these distinguished personalities talked about the importance of women empowerment, and related the topic with their own experiences in Norway.

The keynote speakers during the inaugural ceremony were Padmashree Lila Feroz Poonawalla and Padmashree Patricia Mary Mukhim. Ms Wangari Mathai, Nobel Peace Laureate 2004 couldnt make it for the function, so she sent on a video message, which was quite enlightening.

The two days were filled with enthusiastic speakers conveying their views and ideas to an eager audience. All the attendees left with their share of knowledge and thoughts.

“The sessions were amazing; so was the organising!” Said Ms Gita, the student participant representing CSA. The event was indeed well organised, with amazing work put in by the volunteers from CSA and the MSW department of Christ College. The event was comparatively  punctual, veterans opined. Right from hospitality, to organising, to publicity, to organising, the event was near professionally managed, put in the CSA coordinator, Mr Johny Joseph.

Thus, yet again, CSA successfully conducted a conference supported by the Fredskorpset. With this achievement, CSA added yet another feather to its cap. Looking forward to the next conference(Hint : Global Warming?)…

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