Welcome to our family…

The ducks were quacking. The parrots were chirping. The chicken were chickening, uh, crowing. Students were shouting. The sun was shining…. In short, the Birds Park was full of activity, and She had readied herself to welcome into the CSA
family, six new participants from Norway.They had ‘flown south’ to experience India, Christ College, and CSA for three months. A couple of days back, they were joined by their teacher from Sund Folk College, Norway.

“Christ College is so green and beautiful,” they said when they first frolicked through the Christ College paths. And so, in the greenest of all places in the college, we organised a traditional ‘Welcome’. At 4:30, Nora, Steina, Ellamary, Marita, Zacharias, and Jorkam, along with their guru Ingerlisa, were welcomed and ‘officially’ made a part of the CSA family. The volunteers greeted them by bestowing upon their necks, flower garlands, and anointing their foreheads with sandalwood

They talked about their expectations from this programme, and about how they would like to interact with the volunteers of CSA. This was followed by a nice warm speech by Johny sir, and which was, inevitably, followed by a coffee-snacks-and-discussion session at the Kiosk.

During the course of the evening, they got to know to know many CSA volunteers better, and the volunteers got to know them better; and hopefully, in course of time, there will be no more “them” and “we”, but just “us”. Right now, they’re learning about several NGOs in Bangalore, through CSA. And we’re all very much excited about the camp to Hoskote on Friday(read next post for more info.).

We the publications team would like to extend a whole hearted, arms wide, welcome to our Norwegian friends…

Au revoir for now!

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