CSA geared up to host Future Leaders India 2008

Hello all,

A new academic year has dawned for Christ College (Autonomous), Bangalore, today, but Room No 213 (i.e. the CSA office) had its lights on throughout the night even during the vacation period. The usual projects were going in a full swing, the staff thoroughly appreciating the lack of noise due to the lower number of student volunteers.

However, throughout the past three months, CSA has been gearing up to host the Future Leaders India 2008 programme, organised by Better Future (Netherlands), and funded by Fortis Meespierson.

It is a social entrepreneurship and leadership development programme in which 10 Dutch students and 10 Indian students will be trained by the Better Future team and business leaders from Netherlands about what it takes to be a successful social entrepreneur. The programme will give hands on experience to the participants by presenting case studies, on which they have to work, and find a solution. The solution should be implemented within the course of a year.

The 2 week programme will kick off on Sunday (8th June 2oo8) at 3PM in the Syndicate Room. The participants will be taken to a resort in Hoskote and they will be working in the project areas of CSA in the Hoskote taluk.

CSA volunteers have been planning and arranging the logistics for the programme for the past three months. Among the 10 Indian participants are three CSA volunteers.

The CSA Publications Team wishes all the best to all the participants of the programme! Cheerio!

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