Lighting a lamp- marking a new beginning

28.06.08 Saturday

CSA activities for the academic 2008-’09 began with a modest function at the DVK auditorium, in the neighbouring Dharmaram campus. The State Secretary for Youth Affairs I.M. Vittala Murthy inaugurated the year’s activities in the presence of in the presence of the Principal Fr. Thomas C. Mathew and the Pre-University College Principal Dr. (Fr.) Jose C.C., the CSA Co-ordinator Johny Joseph and the year’s volunteers.

Fr. Mathew, who presided the meeting called CSA the silent but “effective group which made an impact in the campus”. He also added that the organisation helped the institution cultivate social responsibility. Thanks for your support, Father!

Vittala Murthy in his inaugural speech emphasised on being empathetic to people and being ready and skilled to help others, especially in time of emergency or crisis like natural calamities. He gave hope to the youthful audience by explaining that the Indian youth population stood at 660 million currently, double the number that of USA; in 2020, the average age of an Indian would stand at 29 and that of China, 37. He pointed towards harnessing the youthful population to grow, bring about social, political and economic changes and develop the country in the years to come. He also qouted the effective work done by JAFS (Japan Asia Friendship Society) in the grass root level of our country by improving sanitation facilities and infrastructure in rural schools. He exhorted the volunteers to take up the unnoticed issues which needed to be looked into. He concluded by reaffirming his belief in the nobility and immense potential of youth and the need to provide a platform to be able to make the change, which was what CSA is doing.

Followed by the inauguration and Fr. Jose’s felicitation, Johny Joseph introduced the activities of CSA and it’s style of functioning through a presentation. The plan to resurrect a dormant Discussion Forum named ‘Chatting Over Coffee’ was also announced, placing it at 4pm on Thursdays.The programme closed with an opportunity for the volunteers to meet up with members of the various CSA groups and chat with them in order to discover their area of interest.

Street theatre and Activity Centre saw the largest number of volunteers with them while Samveditha and the Publications team also found a few but enthusiastic enquirers (which gave the other two groups a reason to joke about their capability to maintain interest!)

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