Chatting Over Coffee.

Tue 1 July, 2008

Whether you like coffee or not, it might help being there. No, it will help. How? That’s for you to decide.

The Discussion Forum (with it’s discussions, of course ) and the kiosk (with their coffee) got into business on Tuesday by screening the documentary ‘War on Democracy’ (By John Pilger), followed by a discussions and some coffee. Lenin (III BA) moderated the discussions.

The intention of the Discussion Forum is simply to discuss issues thrown into oblivion by the media, to notice them and spark a thought process. Sparking a thought process. As simple as that. In the process, the forum hopes to help students to listen to each other, notice the unnoticed issues, read between the lines, become politically aware, form networks across classes, inspire friends to become vocal about their opinions on social issues, etc. It’s been too long that the youth have been dumb about matters which affect the society we live in, which is exploited by the forces of the capitalist market, power politics and domination of dangerous social phenomena like patriarchy, gender bias and narrow mindedness.

High hopes, we know. But we would like to start the process. And we have.

Do join us on Thursday at 4 pm. We hope to end it by 5pm. And the best part? You don’t have to be a CSA volunteer to join us. Just call your friends along, grab a coffee inside and speak or simply sit there listening. It is not an intellectual club or a bunch of social scientists, but a group of students who may or may not know the issue, want to keep their thoughts open and active, and some times love coffee( not mandatory). We know that your mind will be processing.

Just walk in.

End note: Yes, we messed up saying last week that it was going to be on Thursdays – the reason is that this Thursday is a holiday, so we advanced it. But next week on, we are sticking to our guns – Thursdays it is, and don’t forget, 4 pm.

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