We Care… You can!

Centre for Social Action, Christ University, is proud to announce that we’re coming out with yet another issue of our semester magazine We CareWe Care is a social magazine which serves as a medium of expression for the students of Christ College, and other interested outside individuals/agencies, about the burning issues in our world. It contains articles, poems, compilations, cartoons, thoughts, views, qwetches, and other sorts of expression through paper, on social issues, problems and controversies.

These thoughts often go unspoken, voices unheard. But through We Care, these ideas and voices find a new aura of strength to inspire a difference. Often, these expressions are highly thought provoking ones, breaking through stereotypes, and taking up previously undiscussed topics.

We Care, March 2008

If you’re a student of Christ University, you might have already seen the posters which we’ve put up around campus. We’re looking for articles from you. Please feel free to send in any article / poem / compilations / cartoons / thoughts / views / qwetches / blogs or anything else you feel good about to csa.wecare@gmail.com OR drop us a copy at the CSA Office (2nd Floor, Main Block) OR send it to us –

Centre for Social Action,
Christ University,
Hosur Road,
Bangalore – 560 029,

To see the online version of the most recent We Care magazine (March ’08), check out this blog post.

If you are a student outside Christ University, or an NGO, or from the other part of the world, please feel free to write for us on issues you feel for, or personal experiences 🙂 We’ll definitely send you a few copies of the magazine when it gets published (even if your article is not on it!).

Oh oh oh… Why write for We Care?

  • 3000+ copies
  • Readership 10,000+
  • Copies sent to selected universities and colleges all over India, Norway, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Bangaldesh, Thailand, Sweden, Germany, USA, UK, France, and Italy
  • Copies sent to all prominent NGOs (200+) in India
  • Online version released on the CSA Blog

So be heard, get feedback/feedforward, and perhaps inspire a difference through We Care! Write in now!

We Care… You Can!

Centre for Social Action | Publications Team

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