The Christ PU Residential experience…

On Saturday, 9th August, 2008, the Samveditha team of CSA visited Christ PU Residential College, near Kengeri, to organise a two day session. The session dealt with topics like caste, gender, and water.

The Samveditha team, eleven strong, were welcomed warmly into the active ambience of the pre-university college by the students and the management. They lead the students to two days of brain storming and reflection. Thought provoking ideas were thrown at the students, and stereotypes were torn apart. Using fun filled activites and games, coupled with serious discussions and reflections, the students were sensitized on the caste issue, gender stereotypes, and the importance of the resource water. An Oscar winning movie, Boys Don’t Cry, was screen to introduce the concept of transgenders, and the social stigma stereotypes against them.

The students took pleasure in interacting with the CSA volunteers, and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. During the two days, they discussed about their personal lives as well with the volunteers. They had a lot of potential in them, and reservoirs of unreleased energy, which we helped to route in positive ways.

The students emerged from the two day workshop as better individuals, slightly better sensitized to a few burning issues in our world, and buzzling with excitement to try out new ideas.

The students requested us for links to various resources during the sessions, so here are a few of them –

  1. Killer Coke (with videos) –
  2. Reference material on Indian Caste system –
  3. Basic information on Water Commodification – more information/guidance/ideas, feel free to mail us at csa [at] christuniversity [dot] in

Hoping that the ideas induced in the young minds will take seeds and blossom into meaningful trees of action…

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