Christ University @ Fredskorpset North-South Forum, Oslo Hall, September 4 2008

Christ University and its Centre for Social Action will have the rare opportunity to take part in the annual Fredskorpset North-Sotuh Forum, held at Oslo Hall, in Norway, in which Father Thomas C Mathew, the Vice Chancellor, will be sharing the stage along with eminent people like Nobel Prize laureate and founder of Grameen Bank, Mohammed Yunus, and the Norwegian Minister of Development and Environment, Erik Solheim.

The FK North-South Forum is a biennially event that is organized as an extended framework for sharing visions and experiences with over 300 partners of Fredskorpset, as well as 800  representatives from Norwegian society at large.
The FK North-South Forum 2008 will be conducted in Oslo City Hall Thursday 4. September at 14.00, bringing people together from more than 60 countries.
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All the CSA volunteers would like to wish Father Thomas and the Christ University delegation all the best!!!

For more information, visit the Fredskorpset website.

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