Holidays boring the pants off you? Well heres something to look forward to – ‘Trance’, a fund-raising event that promises to be really good.

December 3rd and 13th are red letter days for Christ University and the CSA. Two prominent artistes are giving their best performances just for us. Gopinath Muthukad, the world renowned magician and Padmashri Shobana will be performing in the Christ University auditorium in two seperate shows. While magician Muthukad takes you through his ‘World of Illusions’ on the 3rd of December, Shobana will capture your hearts with her stunning musical ‘Maya ravan’ on the 13th.

Gopinath Muthukad is widely acclaimed for his magic shows that more often than not support a worthy cause. His show- World of illusions- is a blend of magic, music, dance, drama and cinema. And this is not just any regular magic show. Oh no, as a first hand witness of his magic, I have got to say that he is exceptionally skilled. These aren’t just your regular card tricks and gambles with luck. Muthukad has alwas stood out for his deft and daring stunts, classy performances and breathtaking magic shows. He has performed internationally and his shows have been received with the same enthusiasm everywhere. His fans include former president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Shobana is no stranger to royalty either. She has performed in front of the King and Queen of Malaysia. Her breathtaking beauty and stunning dance compositions have earned her name and fame internationally. Today, Shobana and dance have become synonymous. She has enthralled people world over with her grace and spirit. Hailing from a family of dancers, she has made her mark in Indian cinema and dance. For ‘Trance’, Shobana is performing ‘Maya Ravan’, a musical that takes on a new view of the epic, with Ravana as the protagonist. Her show on the 13th of December is a definite to-die-for event.

There is no question of anyone missing out on these two fabulous shows. So get your tickets early on (its just one ticket for both performances) and help out a good cause all the while preparing yourself for a ‘magical’ ride with two internationally celebrated artistes!

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