The Magic of TRANCE

With a flourish, and a rising disco ball, he appeared out of thin air in a glass case. Passing through clouds of white smoke, he tranced out of the glass case, and voila, the magic began! Gopinath Muthukad and his crew delved through the realms of magic, art, dance and drama, to enthrall the audience thronging the Christ University Main Auditorium on December 3rd, 2008, marking the first event of the Trance as a grand success. The magician performed several awe inducing tricks and feats, hypnotising the crowd with his illusions.

Muthukad at Christ University
Muthukad at Christ University

From disappearing acts, to cine magic, Muthukad and team had the audience’s complete attention for the duration of two whole hours. Trance had also organised a free performance of same show earlier during the day for the sponsored children of Rajendranagar, a few children from nearby orphanages, and Christ Pre University College students. It was quite a joy to see our sponsored children departing the venue with huge smiles on their faces! 🙂

Muthukad with his amazing body partition stunt
Muthukad with his amazing body partition stunt

And the feedback we’ve been receiving could not be better! Most of the people who saw the show are full of appreciation for Muthukad, and the cause of CSA.

And it doesnt just end there… Yet another event awaits as part of  TRANCE – dance and illusions for a cause. On December 13th again at Christ University Auditorium, at 6:30PM, we present before you Maya Ravan – an enthralling dance drama performance of the epic Ramayana, retold from Ravana’s perspective, starring Padmashree Shobana and ensemble.


Tickets for the second event are selling like hot cakes, and looks like we can very well expect a full house! Get your tickets NOW! Enquire with Mr Bino (988666 0734). Only balcony tickets are available, priced at Rs 100/-.

Meanwhile, on a much more serious note, we at CSA request you to join us for a minute’s silence as an expression of solidarity, against the recent Mumbai terror attacks. Let us unite. Thank you.

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