Throw it right!

Zero Waste University is the new buzz in campus. Parivartana, the waste management club, part of the Department of Botany, in association with Centre for Social Action has initiated a waste management project in the campus aiming to make Christites aware of the importance of the three Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle. Different colored dustbins have been placed in the various food joints on campus. The whole programme aims to reduce waste by segregating recyclable, non-recyclable waste, and reusing the former. The recyclable waste is further segragated into organic and in-organic waste. The organic waste will be composted whereas the other waste, like plastic, pet bottles, and metal are sold for recycling. The money obtained from these sales are utilised in the CSA project area of Rajendranagar where the waste management programme was introduced. Paper which is collected through this process is recycled at the paper recycling unit in the campus itself.

The success of this programme depends entirely on the sense of responsibility taken and the awareness shown by Christites in segregating waste themselves by throwing it in the right dustbins. Labels have been placed on these bins explaning what goes where.

Waste less, and if you have to throw something, then, throw it in the right bin 🙂

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