Camping with CSA!

CSA had quite an exciting weekend, with the first camp for the year happening at Kenjanapalya. As always, it was the camp that was organised by the Fredskorpset exchange participants of last year.

The participants for last year, Afreen, Sharath, Vandana and Vineeth organised the camp and had discussions and presentations on various aspects of Norwegian society and culture. We had animated and lively discussions, with first year volunteers actively taking part and expressing their opinions.

The other fun part was the campfire and the songs, dances and games around it. We took walks to the farm where we saw cows, pigs, a lot of piglets (:)) and even a deer. The place was wonderfully silent and peaceful. The camp was a refreshing break from our regular routines and a chance to get to know our new volunteers better.

A couple of thank yous are in order – to our co-ordinator, student co-ordinator, troop leaders, the four ex-FK partcipants and all the volunteers who came camping with us 🙂

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