Experiencing India, the CSA way !

The ever expanding CSA family received new members recently. From the 5th of November to the 23rd, we had with us a group from Lerum Gymnasium, (a high-school in Sweden). This group comprised of 9 students and 3 teachers. They were here on a exposure visit, wanting to see first-hand the great, charming country that is India.

Together with CSA volunteers, they embarked on a visit to the less often seen parts of  Karnataka. They went on a two-day village exposure camp to Hoskote, where their experiences included staying in the mud huts with village families. They went on treks to the neighboring areas, during which they unwittingly provided breakfast to leeches ! They were also introduced to the beauty and mysticity of the Indian pooja.

They also had a bollywood film screening. Although it was all pretty confusing to them (despite our best efforts to act as translators),  it was obvious that they were having a good time!

During their stay here, each of the students also worked on projects of their own, as it was part of their academic work They conducted studies on varied topics such as art forms of India, comparison of private and Government schools, etc.

All in all,  we can confidently say that they had a great time seeing India, the CSA way !

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