Tiny tots’ day out!!!! :) :) :)

The invigorating chilly wind of the morning wrote a perfect prelude to the energy packed day ahead. As streams of zealous kids poured into the campus, talents’ day had officially begun. It started with a power breakfast.The heat of the sun grew steadily. So did the enthusiasm of the kids.All the boys and girls went to classrooms alloted for each event after gathering in the mini-auditorium for a while shouting and singing.The events went on scruplously as the kids exhibited their budding talents.The dull corridors of main block were splashed with brilliant colours as the rangoli event kickstarted. Along with the usual events like elocution, singing, drawing and creative writing we had one more event that was undoubtedly the cynosure of all eyes present there-newspaper dressing. As the lads and lasses entered the stage dressed in newspapers as chefs, kings, queens, brave women of history, doctors, nurses and a lot lot more,the mini-auditorium roared with applause and cheer!After that, we flocked to birds’ park where a hot and tasty lunch awaited us.The lunch was an absolute delight! After that one hell of a feast we headed back to the mini-auditorium where all the little nightingales filled the hall with their innocent melodies.The room got really loud when the dancing began! As the volunteers danced with the kids and became kids themselves, the whole atmosphere became festive. As the kids were walking back to their homes, everyone of us knew that that day would be fresh in our memories for a long long time. Talents’ day turned out to be a true celebration of innocence and the beauty of childhood.:):)

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