Official Closing of Volunteers Activities :)

Tutions programmes, exposures, documentaries, camps sports day, talents day…… All planned and accomplished!!!!! 🙂 🙂

The CSA volunteers activities for this academic officially ended on February 26 with the evaluation by the volunteers themselves. The evaluation included the presentation made by each of the groups- Activity centre, Samveditha, Street theatre, Chatting over Coffee and Publications. It was a reflection on the activities planned, activities executed, failures,innovations, challenges faced and suggestions for next year.

Its was great to know the committment and efforts put in by each of the volunteers in making the year active despite their busy academics. It was very well appreciated by our beloved Johny sir who also said that the suggestions for the next academic year would be taken.

Every volunteer has done their bit to make a change, so CONGRATULATIONS and wish they keep up the Good Work!!!!
The session ended with the best volunteers trophies that was given to the volunteer from each of the groups for their outstanding service
Activity Centre- Lakda Sangeetha
Samveditha- Shymala S. P
Street Theatre- Melvin Deepak
Chatting over Coffee- Ashmita Bhattacharya
Publications- Lenin S. Vijay
Promising volunteer- Harish Bhuvan
Overall best volunteers- Varshini Narayanan and Venu

A Hearty Congratulations to all!!! 🙂

It was also an official farewell to our dear friend and a volunteer of CSA from Germany, Isabella Juretski for her dedicated and selfless service.

Well activities have officially ended but the spirit still continues!! 🙂 🙂

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