On  26th of July, CSA visited a village in Hoskote district to attend the programme Krutajnyata. This programme was a thanksgiving event organised by the members of various villages, along with CSA volunteers.

Members of various villages, mainly women, came to  the programme. Shri S.N. Krishnaiah Shetty (Member of Legislative Assembly,  Malur Constituency), Shri Arun Kumar Bunyan , Dr. (Fr.) Augustine Thottakkara (Chancellor of Christ University) and CSA volunteers, attended Krutajnyata. This programme emphasized on the  ‘Chetana Project’ which was instrumental in the development of fourteen villages for seven years in various aspects like education, health, finance, women’s upliftment and so on. The funding organisation Kindernothilfe (KNH) Germany, The Church’s Council for Child and Youth Care (CCCYC), Christ University (CSA), and many others were withdrawing their support in order to help these people  pursue their aspirations on their own.

People’s enthusiasm was at its peak and their courage, inspiring! They bid us farewell with great respect and honour. They brought out their achievements in the form of a wonderful play. Many women from the Self Help Groups shared their inspiring personal experiences on stage too. CSA volunteers also put up many interesting and vibrantly informational stalls.

When it was finally time for us to return, we all carried with us a heart full  of inspirational incidents, achievements, performances and a resolve, never  to forget our  responsibility of  serving  the needy. Krutajnyata showed us how great and inspiring feats can be achieved by  people if they are provided a little help and cooperation. 🙂

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