How much is enough?

What does GM mean to you? To me, it is the reverse of the two words that I find most appealing and fantastically exciting: MG (Road).

The first Chatting Over Coffee (C.O.C.) held on July 15, brought out issues pertaining to, not a shopping expedition (much to my dismay) but on Genetically Modified (food) or commonly known as ‘GM’.

The ‘chatting’ was preceded by the screening of a documentary called “Genetically Modified Organisms vs. Food”. The production crew had incorporated a few comments of Indians about GM.

As per research done by anti-GM movements, the substance has been around for nearly two decades and was introduced by the United States of America. Some also believe that GM is a solution to the shortage in food production, which is a result of crowding on Earth. Evidently the makers of the documentary believed otherwise. Most of the people were against GM. The debate was fiery and raged on till 5 o clock when the warm fragrance of coffee calmed us down.(We did not know whether the coffee beans from which our coffee was made were genetically modified :D) The first CoC was in the true spirit of a filter coffee: warm, awakening, thought-provoking!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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