Publication’s Interactive Session with L Romal M Singh!

On hearing that we would be having a journalist as a guest lecturer for Publication’s workshop on 14th July, I couldn’t help being a bit apprehensive with the typical paparazzi stereotype soldered in my mind; I assumed he would want to expand his consumer base and increase his turnover. Proving them all wrong, he touched our souls to provide a new perspective to life.

With his casual smile and unique fashion statement, one couldn’t help but notice that Mr. L Romal M Singh, Chief Editor of DNA After Hours, lived in his own world- a paradise which he would gladly open to each one of us. In today’s world where people are in the quest for status symbols and power, Mr. Singh seemed an exception with his modesty and openness.

With his charismatic personality and spontaneous wittiness, he walked us through the underlying reality of the seemingly glossy world of journalism. Far from the usual and expected gossip about Bollywood stars and political conundrum, he concentrated on pointing out the hallmarks of being a genuine social writer and updating us on media sensitivity, technical know-how and the notorious art of political correctness.

Mr. Singh has an untold power in expressing his views, many of which reflected our own notions and opinions of modern India. He not only pointed out the short comings of the era but also suggested potential remedies for them. His talk on the scourges that ruin modern India gave us a new breath of life as Christites in our commitment to the core values of CSA. Interestingly, he indicated a new route through which Publications could contribute to the society to bring a pocketful of sunshine to the lives of the destitute.

As he left the auditorium with our minds scintillated, I felt a sudden rush of zeal fill my entire being- as if I was just being born again like a Phoenix from my ashes- and I embarked on my new mission to make this world a better place for each and every one of us. On behalf of CSA, I thank Mr. Singh for having lit a bright beacon in our search for the Holy Grail of philanthropy.

Om Nirvan Bhoyroo, I EPS

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