Drishti: power, passion, joy and fun!

I count myself one among those fortunate Christites who could participate in one of Dhristi’s meetings, where I was overwhelmed by a sense of joy and pride seeing a grave focus on the importance and impact of art.


During that particular meeting, the theme of the year was discussed in detail. We came up with a lot of topics, and zeroed in on three of them. Then we were divided into groups to enact a skit on each topic. It was amazing to see how minds could crop up such innovative ideas and enact them perfectly in merely 10 minutes. As I watched the volunteers living their roles, I could sense the sheer joy and positive energy emanating from each of them.

The volunteers, who hail from different parts of the world, are given the liberty to enact skits in their own mother tongue. The best thing that strikes me as a volunteer of Dhristi is the cooperation and mutual understanding between us which binds us into a family. The need for explaining oneself is reduced because of the ‘we-feeling’ between us.  It seems as if we all are telepathically connected.

Each member of Dhristi is integral to the team’s success and is clearly valued and accepted. All are encouraged to enjoy themselves to the fullest, to do their best, and to know that their presence onstage matters. Of course, the volunteers have to endure a lot for the quality of their play, but at the end of the day, when Dhristi’s personal touch and empathetic tone spread smiles among the viewers, worries vanish from their minds to let joy and satisfaction fill them in.

This year, Dhristi is being led by two wonderful leaders- Shyam and Narayanan. It’s amazing to see the way they lead us as a team. One can easily spot the passion and love for art from the twinkle in their eyes.

As the volunteers start chanting “Nataka Nataka! Beethinataka”, a mind blowing sense of power and passion engulfs them. Needless to say, their enthusiasm is so contagious that everyone around them imbibes it! An element of surprise is a part and parcel of Drishti’s existence. We are waiting for Drishti to surprise us all!

Suganya Velumani, I PME

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