Coffee n Popcorn! :)

The Chatting Over Coffee sessions of CSA have always been a great platform CSA’s volunteers to put on their thinking caps and share their views on a multitude of topics. These sessions give a person ample food for thought, as the discussions do not always end conclusively.

This semester, the volunteers not only shared their views but also came up with some brilliant ideas. One such idea which was put into practice was the CSA Show-time, a.k.a The Movie Club. They say that pictures speak a thousand words. By this simple logic, motion pictures would be definitely more effective in conveying messages to the masses, as opposed to long winding speeches.

As of now, The Movie Club has screened two movies, both of which have been eye openers, and deal with crucial social issues. ‘Good Morning Vietnam’, a film set in Saigon during Vietnam War, addresses problems that are caused due to cultural differences. It also shows how varied world views can result in major problems. The second movie that was screened, ‘Khuda Ke Liye’, dwells on how the 9/11 attack affected the lives of Non-Residential Pakistanis in USA. It also deals with the mighty perspective of religious fundamentalism that has been brewing in the Afghan-Pakistan border for decades.

The COC sessions have been evenly spread throughout this semester. The topics of the sessions– ‘Altruism’, ‘Reality Shows’, ‘The Mangalore incident (28th July)’ and ‘Kasab and other Political Prisoners’–have been, as usual, wisely chosen.

This tradition of CSA has had a huge impact on fellow students, widening the horizons of their young and nurturing minds.

–Aishwarya Ramasethu, II PCM

“The COC discussions are not meant to attain a set of conclusions; they prompt you to indulge in personal introspection and to redefine morality and concern for the needy.”
-Dhanashree Kanago, I CBZ

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