CRY Cycle Rally: an Eco-friendly Campaign to Promote Education for All

cycle rally

On 24th November 2012, around 30 CSA volunteers from Christ University participated in the cycle rally organized by CRY (Child Rights and You). The high-spirited three-kilometre-campaign from UB City Mall to Cubbon Park was conducted to support CRY’s initiative to promote free and quality education for all children up to the age of 14 as per government regulations.

Although the Right to Education (RTE) Act compelling the same has been passed, there are still certain areas awaiting its implementation. The cycle rally was an innovative and effective way of bringing to the notice of the government and the people the need and right of every child to be able to stand a chance at being educated—a privilege that only a few get and the rest deserve.

The experience was an enjoyable and fulfilling one, for it is not often that one gets the opportunity to work for a  social cause while having the time of his life. We pledged to support the organization in every possible way we could to make a difference in the lives of children—the future of tomorrow. In order to ensure that, we had to be the proactive youth of today; it was with this hope and commitment that with bright yellow caps on our heads and even brighter yellow paper windmills on our cycles, we rode off into the sunset.

– Debanjali Saha, I PSEng

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