Visit to the Planetarium and Museum: starring ‘Teletubbies Express’


On 25th November 2012, the volunteers of CSA took around 100 kids from LR Nagar to Nehru Planetarium and Viswesharaya Museum for a visit. Saying the day was tremendous would be an understatement.

We had reached LR Nagar and were eagerly waiting for the kids to arrive when we first spotted what I call ‘The Teletubbies Express’—a colourful train of kids led by our volunteers and the facilitators. Their smiles and excitement were so contagious that we found ourselves grinning from ear to ear.

Along the way to the planetarium, the kids sang their favourite songs and chit-chatted with us. Between squeals of excitement on reaching our destination, we all aligned ourselves to form our ‘Express’ again. Each volunteer taking charge of a group of kids, we headed straight to the playground.

Adrenaline kicked in at its very sight and our maturity took a back seat! The ‘train’ later proceeded into the planetarium in time for the Kannada show.

Soon after, on the way to the museum, our toddlers halted the traffic to make for the sweetest traffic constables. That was the highlight of the day.

It brought the train into the realm of Science and they engaged themselves exploring excitedly.

After the short tour inside and a head count, we proceeded back to the bus. We had all been exhausted by running after the kids; timely refreshments rejuvenated us. We dropped the kids back home and returned to college.

The day was definitely another feather in CSA’s cap. The excitement and wonder we saw in the eyes of the kids left a lingering smile on our lips.

–SuganyaVelumani, I PME

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