Of Goodbyes and Farewells :)


It was time for CSA to bid adieu to the Norwegian interns who had been part of the Christ family for a year. This was the last time the Norwegians would be in the university as the tenure of the internship programme had been over, said Johny sir as he shared his thoughts.

The CSA volunteers lightened the sombre mood of the farewell with songs and dances. Mr Daniel, the saxophone teacher, played a piece on the saxophone. The teachers and students reflected on their experiences in India. The photography interns put up an exhibition where they had captured the essence of rural life, families, weddings and food.

The final segment of the programme gave us an opportunity to interact with our Norwegian guests. They were thrilled to take back a slice of India with them. It was indeed a great experience for both the Norwegians and the CSA volunteers.

–Priyanka Chakraborty, I PSEng 

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