Gracias: first-hand experience with smiles, talents and innocence


For novices, Gracias is a day when children from CSA’s project areas express gratitude to their sponsors through their marvellous cultural performances onstage. The event, scheduled for 23rd December at Christ University, had its wheels turning weeks in advance.

Sorting out the intricacies of the big day was a whole lot of fun, providing for an occasion to bond with other CSA members, forming a viable synergy that motivated us to make Gracias a huge success.

We were all on our toes on the day of the event. Handling around 500 vibrant kids and sequencing the performers for their performances was no easy task and kept us very busy.

Seeing the kids perform was a real treat for us. Their self-expression through art was mindboggling; their confidence was commendable.

The kids were then taken for lunch and my heart filled with joy and warmth seeing them eat to their full. I realized that some of them were too poor to even afford to buy shoes. However, despite not having those privileges, they were content with their lives, happy, and full of innocent smiles.

Gracias provided for a firsthand experience to know more about how the coordinators train and try to better the lives of the children whom we take care of. As for the volunteers, Gracias was the fruit of our hard work, weeks of preparation, minute organisation and running around. I felt proud of being part of CSA, of being able to bring a change to peoples’ lives, of being the reason behind hearty smiles on those little faces. I was simply thrilled and my joy knew no bounds.

Reported by: Om Nirvan Bhoyroo, I EPS; Edited by: Mridhula Murali, I PSEng

Photo credits: Archana Dinesh, II PSEng 

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