Drishti’s Waste Management Drive: a step towards a cleaner Bangalore


With the zeal to spread awareness on waste management around Bangalore and with the hope that our small steps will make a difference, Drishti headed towards Janakiram Layout—one of the first locations on our mission checklist.

Personifying ‘Kasada Rakshasa’, the demon of ever-increasing garbage, diseases and pollution, Lokesh opened the play to the crowd.

Chandrika brought to life a character we can easily relate to—that of an inconsiderate woman who dumps waste in front of her neighbor’s compound. This leads to a heated argument between the ladies of the two households and in turn, that between the men. The sensible Harshith who overhears them briefs them on BBMP’s works which aim towards the city’s cleanliness.

The focus then shifted to the insensitivity of people who care little about the cleanliness of their surroundings and dump garbage in inappropriate places, thus failing in their duty as responsible citizens.

The potential of waste segregation to turn ‘waste’ to ‘wow’ was highlighted by Narad (Madhu) who teaches Kumbhakarna (Raghavendra) proper waste segregation during their tour of the planet.

The day’s task complete and a sense of work well done, our bus sped back to Christ. This was just a beginning!

–Reported by Mariyam Begum, I BCZ; Edited by Aishwarya Ramasethu, II PCM and Om Nirvan Bhoyroo, I EPS

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