A Day for Talents Onstage


Talents Day on 10th February was another exciting event on the CSA calendar where the kids from the project areas showcased their innate talents onstage. And, like every other time, the volunteers were up and about and had headed towards the respective areas by 8 am to pick the kids up. Meanwhile, the other volunteers were preparing for the day.

The kids reached the campus by 9.30 am and were seated in the PU quadrangle. The day began with the inaugural ceremony, where the kids, facilitators and volunteers lit the lamp, marking the beginning of the event.

Creative Writing, Rangoli, Drawing and Dumb Charades competitions were happening simultaneously, and the kids took part in all of them enthusiastically.

After refreshments, Public Speaking and Quiz were conducted. Then happened the most exciting event of the day—dance. The kids were amazing dancers who enjoyed dancing and the audience cheering for them.

After the prize distribution, the kids were sent back to their respective areas. At the end of the day, everyone was happy, no matter who won or lost.

–Reported by Sapna Keeliputti, I BCZ; Edited by Vidya M G, II CEP

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