The Event: a walk to transform Waste to Wow


Prayatna ’13 on February 24th saw the volunteers from both the campuses being united to spread awareness on waste segregation and management in the community.

An inspirational talk by Johny Sir and an inaugural speech by the Chief Executive Engineer of LR Nagar marked the start of the campaign. We started off the rally from west LR Nagar and proceeded towards Rajendra Nagar through Ambedkar Nagar, shouting slogans and being accompanied by kids and adults of the area. On the way, the Eco Club kids of the project areas performed street plays, doing an amazing job despite the scorching sun.

Once the rally got over, the volunteers paired up to visit and sensitize households about waste segregation. Though skeptical at first, we did get a fair response from the residents. They admitted that they were guilty for dumping their trash, knowing well that it was an unhygienic and dangerous practice. However, as the BBMP trash collectors were not regular in their job and since they didn’t know what else to do with the waste, they did the next best thing possible—to dump it where everyone else did.

By the end of the campaign, we were positive that at least a few people would follow our lead, breaking the walls of helplessness and self-pity on their own.

–Reported by Suganya Velumani, I PME; Edited by Vidya M G, II CEP

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