It is always Us :)

The shackles of pain, misery and servitude are a binding force upon many sections of society. The gravamen of this reality hits no other group harder than the children of underdeveloped communities. Deprived of opportunities and starved of a holistic childhood upbringing, the children are encapsulated into a narrow outlook bound by limited capabilities. CSA has thus embarked on an endeavour to provide these children with platforms to showcase their talents and launch themselves into seeing a world full of possibilities.  CSA conducts various programs throughout the year such as sports day, talents day, exposure camps and other activities which acts as avenues of expression for children. The child sponsorship program aims at communities getting directly involved in sponsoring these children.

Change is always something that is easier said than done. But when change is actually brought about, it can not only revolutionize many lives but also create a better society.

Education is all about being in-sync with the evolving world and updating ourselves with the perpetually growing knowledge of the world. In doing so, it takes a lot of effort to sensitize the people about the need to keep pace with today’s “fast track”. And so, to make it an easier task, we target the kids of our project areas for the Computer Courses to help them connect the real and the virtual worlds and know the “know-hows” of various things they learn in their classrooms. After all, kids are the future “world”; teaching them symbolises molding our future for the betterment of mankind.

Anything we do, anywhere we do, ultimately boils down to all of us sharing the same home – the same space in this world. This means that whatever we do, in turn affects our planet. In this transient existence of ours, we are indebted to it for all that it has given us and will give us. And as our moral duty, we need to take into consideration the consequences of our actions and tailor our actions in such a way that it does not affect our mother earth. To pass on this message to the public, we plan to hold various street plays in the project areas by which the kids who are a part of the Eco Club will send out the message of being environment friendl

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