When those thoughts are voiced!


Name: Elizabeth Rani

It is very difficult to run the family with the meagre income that we get. My children have been studying well for three years now. They have improved a lot. Yes! I am a part a Sanga. Leaders are elected every year. The organisation is very good. It helps us in getting loans. My only prayer is that my children should not suffer like us and should settle in life.

Name: Amrutha S

Our income is low but we are happy nonetheless. We cannot pay for tuitions with the income that we get. The CSA tuitions are really good. Gents cannot be advised by us. I hope our children will come to the forefront; they should be independent.

Name: Reeta Mary

The waves of joy and sorrow are inevitable in life. If not for Again, we wouldn’t be existing today. They help us a lot. The more the principle, the lesser the interest. We want our children to stand in their own legs and enjoy life. We are suffering now due to lack of education.

Name: Rameshwari; Class: 9th

I am learning English from the volunteers and I’m very happy about that. They have helped me overcome the embarrassment in speaking English. In the past, I used to roam around, doing nothing. Now I have changed a lot, thanks to CSA. I aspire to be a doctor. I want to be a good and a respectful person. My thought about life is “First correct yourself before advising others”.

Name: Shwetha; Class: 9th

During my free hours I used to lounge around lazily watching TV. But now, I can feel myself changing. I often find myself studying and doing my home work. I feel more responsible now. I want to change this slums, drain the wastes, lay roads, etc. I want to be well educated. I find a leader in myself. Education is the most essential feature in life. The biggest problem in this slum is illiteracy.

Name: Santhosh; Class: 8th

The library is very useful to us.After tuitions, I am motivated to study. The volunteers teach us new concepts, and have an engaging way of teaching. In school, we segregate wet and dry waste. Also, my friends and I have formed a group that is spreading awareness about proper disposal of waste in other schools. I will be a good leader and role model for all.

 Name: Neelanjali; Class: 6th

We have various activities like playing football and learning spoken English. Earlier, I could not find enough time for my school work after all the household chores I was required to do. However, since the tuitions have started, catching up with studies is becoming easier. I want to be a teacher like the CSA volunteers.

 Name: Padma; Class: 10th

CSA provides us with books, bags and other materials that we need in school. The volunteers clear all our doubts.I want to be a doctor and provide free medication and proper treatment to poor people so that they do not die of easily curable diseases.

–as told to Madhu Kumar and Divya

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