Where service to Man is service to God

Arvind, who has lived only a decade of his life, is the son of a poor daily-wage labourer and a grief-habituated mother. They lived in a small room, walled from all sides by rugged canvas and rusting tin sheets. The roof was roughly draped with a piece of cloth, and the front yard gave an impression of a dumping ground. Animal excreta and loose dust had rendered the atmosphere literally unbearable according to urban or rural standards. No one would willingly wish to have a home in such conditions. They were living in an earthly hell, where all happiness was sucked out from, permanently.

But the hope was not lost. Arvind is being sent to the local communal school, which was established to provide quality and gratis education for children who are unable to pay for their willingness to be educated. His parents wished that he must not toil like them, and must enjoy all those experiences that would make a strong and self-sufficient man of him. CSA is such an association, providing all the pushing momentum that will catapult such people towards realizing the value of their life with proper education, for all members of the family, equally.

Education will not only help people to get the deserving payback of their labours, but will also empower them to think of their own benefits. With our support, this horror might get milder; this darkness lighter.

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