Queer Campus Bangalore: Where Differences are Respected


On 2nd February, around 40 CSA volunteers got an opportunity to listen to and communicate with people holding different ideas and ways to carry themselves off in society.

Queer Campus Bangalore, initially consisting of only four people, started functioning on 22nd October, 2011. QC is a comfortable space where one is free to discuss anything; it is a shelter where one needn’t hide who he/she really is. Their identity is best described by a rainbow-coloured umbrella which symbolises inclusiveness.

In most parts of India, even today, the queer do not enjoy the right to exercise their will freely. They find it difficult to gain respect, education or employment in the society. However, a recently established transgender employment scheme in Tamil Nadu has enabled three queers to work in the media field.

QC clarified the concept of ‘queerness’, polishing our notions of sex, gender and sexuality. NAS foundation case against carnival intercourse was also discussed. Further brainstorming and discussions brought out newer concepts such as pan-sexuality.

They told us the inspiring true story of Famila, a transgender of about 17 years of age who attended the International Transgender Conference in Delhi. However, notwithstanding the humiliation from society and rejection from her own family, Famila committed suicide.

After a feedback and question-answer session, we left with the insight that each person is different and important and needs to be respected for what he or she is. Each one, like us, has the right to live freely in our society.

–Reported by: Ritu Bachani, II EPS; Edited by Janice Vaz, II CEP

Want to know more? Contact: bangaloreqc@gmail.com, or visit: qcbangalore@wordpress.com.

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