On 14th June 2013, a photo exhibition was organized and a stall put up within the college premises to sensitize freshers and the newly registered volunteers on CSA’s functioning.

The photo exhibition, with its photos displayed on a 3D cube, showcased moments captured from last year’s CSA activities — ranging from Mahila Diwas, Talents Day, Tree plantation Drive, Gracias, Waste Management Rally, Sports Day to Rural Camps in Kolar and Hoskote.

A symbolic star hanging at the entrance of the stall displayed details about CSA and its initiation, while a year book displayed its vision and mission. In the stall, a caption contest was held, in which those visiting the stall were invited to caption pictures of waste management. This served as a subtle sensitization to act on the same, and was received well by all.

The main attraction of the stall, however, was the tree designed by the volunteers describing Activity Centre, Drishti and Publications — the three main organs of CSA.

The tree survived till the end despite heavy winds; the book and star were patiently read by all those who stopped by. All in all, the stall and the exhibition attracted attention and appreciation, serving its intended purpose.

Reported by: Sajan Tom, II PSEng; Edited by: Mridhula Murali, IIPSEng

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