COC: FDI in Multi-Brand Retail


On the 5th of July, the island was almost turned into a place of parliamentary debate except for the fact that it was Christites debating over the sensational issue of foreign direct investment.

There were people who  deliberated for and against the motion. However, what remained the highlight of the evening and a clique that every debate, or in this case, a discussion ends with was that we all “agreed to disagree.”

FDI in multi brand retail has been in the eye of political motions and media coverage due to the complexities in its implementation and the predicted degradation of the rural economy, disruption of middlemen and the monopoly foreign corporation would create.

The COC witnessed a plethora of opinions of Christites who had  various technical and layman’s views on the concept. Like any other thing, FDI has its own pros and cons and all this came to surface when students from management, commerce, law , media, science , humanities and social sciences came together to portray their understanding of FDI from their respective fields of specialisation.

 Reported by: Divya Swamy, I PSEng ; Edited by: Pooja Agarwal, I PSEng

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