Drishti’s: Time and Waste Management Drive


Being a part of Drishti evokes a kind of spirituality in me. It is one such street theater team where we personify issues that our society faces to sensitize our viewers.

On 14th June, 2013 was Drishti’s first performance of the year. The play aimed at familiarizing the freshers about the rules and regulations of the university. The elements pervading the play were anti ragging, time management and waste management.

For the performance, one half of our face was painted white, describing purity. The Drishti rally was started by chanting, “Nattaka! Nattaka! Beethi Natakka!”  The first performance was held in Pebbels Park. As we raised our voices, a crowd gradually gathered. The first session ended with a roaring applause from the audience.

The second performance was held in front of the central block. Considering the larger crowd, we wanted to give our best and probably did.

The final performance was held in front of the Audi Block. This was accompanied by a slight drizzle. But it did not dampen our spirits or discourage the audience. Finally, the performances were concluded by a vote of thanks. Thus, bringing an end to the memorable performances; leaving us looking forward for many more.

Reported by: Nitin Murali, II CEP ; Edited by: Ritu Bachani III EPS

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